The following is a list of resources for instruction, pedagogy, learning, and curriculum development. Additionally, during my workshops and presentations, educators work together to develop instructional materials. Below, you will find many online resources as well as documents that were created by teachers for teachers. Enjoy!

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Useful Multiple Intelligences Websites
Dr. Gardner’s Work at Project Zero

Thomas Armstrong’s MI activities

Dr. Marjorie Hall Haley – GMU Research on MI and Foreign Language Instruction

Learning Styles and MI Interactive Self-Assessment Tests

Additional Sites:

Website for parents to explore MI and their children,1156,1-12410,00.html

Significance of Multiple Intelligences Among Children With Special Needs

Article by Thomas Armstrong, a leading researcher in the field

MI and technology

Website with articles connecting MI to Bloom’s Taxonomy

MI Chart

Writing MI Lesson Plans

MI and Portfolios (interesting book)

It’s Not How Smart You Are, It’s How You’re Smart (article)

Technology and MI

Teacher Planet – great resources

MI Links – Dr. Marjorie Hall Haley

Website Builders for Teachers


The following links will direct you to materials from previous professional development workshops presented by Amanda Seewald.

Games and Music for Learning
Literacy in the Language Classroom
Content Driven Learning
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