MARACAS is an exciting interactive language learning experience for preschool and elementary age children. The MARACAS program uses music, interactive play, literature and crafts to expose children to the sounds and rhythms of Spanish in a fun and exciting way. Using a Multiple Intelligences approach, the students are immersed in the target language through exploratory learning and activities.

After providing engaging language learning for hundreds of students since 2002, the MARACAS curriculum is now becoming available for your use and the songs that help bring the learning to life are available for teachers and students to use in and beyond the classroom.

"I am thrilled to make MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones available to families and schools. After many years of working with teachers, I am finally able to answer the question, where can I get your materials? It is my hope that MARACAS will assist many teachers in building dynamic early language opportunities and will help build a bridge between classroom and home-based learning inspiring our youngest learners to love language!"

-- Amanda Seewald, MARACAS Founder and Author

MARACAS Las CienciasNow Available— The MARACAS Las Ciencias curriculum which offers 15 Multiple Intelligences Based Lessons exploring many aspects of science. Use it alone or with The MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones curriculum which has inspired hundreds of children to love language learning.

Click here to learn more or purchase the interactive and comprehensive MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones and/or The MARACAS Las Ciencias Curriculum and the MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones CD.
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MARACAS Consulting ServicesAmanda Seewald, M.Ed. provides engaging interactive workshops for teachers and consulting services for districts aiming to develop and grow dynamic world language programs.

Amanda also works with elementary school teachers, parents, and students to engage all community members in Multiple Intelligences based learning.

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Since 2002, MARACAS has been a community based program serving several private schools, the recreation department, and many hundreds of young learners.

At Your SchoolIn some schools, classes are offered as a part of the weekly learning experience.

The fun and interactive Multiple Intelligences based MARACAS classes offer a unique way of learning a second language. Click here to learn more and see our upcoming classes.
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Learn more about these fun and interactive manipulatives for your language classroom!
Concept by MARACAS author Amanda Seewald
An Endorsement of our Program from Dr. Marjorie Haley...
It is with great enthusiasm and delight that I endorse Amanda Seewald and the MARACAS Program! Bravo for such an innovative approach to reaching ALL learners. Today's educational arena will surely benefit from these inspiring instructional approaches based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and brain-compatible research. This program is already a huge success and we look forward to seeing it continue to grow and have a profound impact on young language learners both here and abroad.
Marjorie Hall Haley, PhD
Professor, George Mason University
Director FL Teacher Licensure
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