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Learning Kaleidoscope is ready to help bring your educational goals to the forefront by focusing on global readiness. Our specialists can provide your stakeholders with the tools they need to succeed in world language learning, dual language immersion programming, global citizenship education, meeting the needs of English language learners, and educating the community. We are a group of dedicated global educators ready to work with you for a brighter educational future for all learners!

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MARACAS Easy Readers

MARACAS is thrilled to introduce MARACAS La Clase del Mundo Easy Readers now available in three levels. (Available in Spanish and English)

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Me Gusta

Join Priya as she shares all about the things she likes to do!

El Zoo

Go on an adventure with Miguel and Beatriz to find animals at the zoo!

El Universo

Join our friends Conchi and Liam on an adventure at the planetarium!

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