Teacher Coaching

Instructional planning including classroom management, collaboration, strategy development, performance based assessment, and reflective practices

Elementary and Preschool Classroom Teachers

Strengthening Instruction: Classroom Management, Learning Centers, and Transitions

This workshop will help teachers learn more about themselves as instructors and will give all participants the tools and strategies to develop a classroom management model that works in their individual classrooms. All participants will learn about and participate in learning centers based on content area themes. Everyone will even have the chance to work together to create and plan learning centers and transitional activities for use in the classroom.

Multiple Intelligences Theory Across the Curriculum

This workshop focuses on using MI Theory in all subject areas with all types of learners. Beginning with an overview of Multiple Intelligences, teachers will receive materials for planning, activity development, and assessment tools. There will be several interactive portions in which teachers will have the opportunity to apply information presented in collaboration with their colleagues. These activities will include Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies. All ideas and materials developed by the participants will become resources for the entire school.

Making Social Studies a Cooperative Learning Experience

This workshop focuses on interactive ways of helping students construct knowledge in Social Studies classrooms. Emphasis will be placed on the need to provide for all types of learning styles and linguistic capabilities by varying grouping, activity types, and allowing for choice. By incorporating the ideas presented, teachers can better serve their diverse learners and can make the learning process fun for themselves and their students. ½ day workshop

Kaleidoscope – Understanding the Many Ways our Children Learn

This workshop is designed to help parents understand MI Theory and how it can help them better assist their children in educational endeavors. In this workshop, parents will have the chance to experience MI based activities and will even work together to gain a keener perception of their own learning tendencies. This workshop can have many different formats including a parent-child interactive component. The time and design will be tailored to your community needs. Price is determined based on format. To have a consultation on how Kaleidoscope can work to benefit your community, please contact Amanda Seewald at info@maracas123.com.