Interdisciplinary Project Planning

Facilitate and build project(s) to incorporate multiple disciplines with clear objectives and outcomes for school and community connections

Project PlanningLinking learning across content areas to build awareness and engage students in meaningful learning is challenging and requires collaborative efforts.  Learning Kaleidoscope can assist your school/district to develop and implement projects that incorporate the input of multiple stakeholders.  We will work with your staff, parent groups, community groups, administrators, and students to survey ideas and objectives.  Our project development process will not only help your district successfully implement creative interdisciplinary experiences, but will also build sustainable models that can be replicated in the future.

Our interdisciplinary projects often involve focusing on global issues and global citizenship. We aim to help students grow as learners and as critical thinkers, ready to take on world challenges.

What is your school doing to have a global focus?  Contact us to get your project started.